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Lingerie Definition

Definitions, of the terms used by in there product descriptions

Lingerie Definitions for words starting with:


Above average: Plus size, full figure.

Accent: To place emphasis on a garment using bows, ribbons, buckles, etc.

Accessories: Supplementary part or object.

Adjustable: Alter slightly as to be suitable for comfort, security and support.

Adorn: Decorate, embellish.

Adult costumes: Mature style of dress of a particular place or time, or for a particular activity; clothes worn by a performer.

Appliqué: A kind of decoration in which one material is cut out and attached to another.

Apron: A garment worn over the front of the body to protect the clothes or skin form soiling.

Asymmetrical: This word is used to describe a hemline lacking symmetry.


Back string ties: Fastenings at the rear of a garment.

Backside: The rear of a garment.

Band: Strap, hoop, sash, belt, collar.

Bare: An uncovered area of lingerie exposing skin.

Baton: Policemans or policewomans truncheon.

Bikini style: This is used to describe a traditional two piece swimming costume.

Blouse: A shirt like garment.

Bodice: Upper part of a dress or top.

Body stocking: A close fit garment resembling hosiery covering the neck down to the and including the toes.

Bodysuit: A one piece undergarment, lingerie, costume covering the torso or trunk.

Bodysuit/Garter: A one piece undergarment, lingerie, costume covering the torso or trunk with bands worn around the legs to hold up stockings or socks.

Bondage: slavery, sexual servant.

Boning: Stiff material placed on a garment for support.

Bootie cut outs: Holes on a garment which exposes the buttocks.

Bootie shorts: Very short undergarment or costume bottom sitting low on the hips and exposing buttocks; shorts.

Border: Band around or along the edge of a garment.

Bottom: Is used by to identify mens undergarments.

Bow: A knot with two loops and loose ends used for adornment.

Bra: A woman undergarment for supporting the breast.

Buckle: A metal clasp for fastening a belt or strap.

Bustier: A close fit garment worn over the breast and down above the waistline.

Butterfly: Insect with brightly colored wings.


Cami blouse: Longer bodice like garment, cami and blouse.

Cami top: Short bodice like garment.

Cap: A small hat or uniform head dress.

Cape: Covering for shoulders and arms with or without a hood

Cap sleeves: Small, short sleeve.

Chains: Flexible length of connected links.

Charming: Power to please.

Chemise: Womens loose fitting dress.

Choker: Tight fitting necklace.

Clips: Devises used for fastening garter straps, may also be used for decoration.

Closure: Fastener e.g. buckles, snap, ties, etc.

Collar: Band around the neck.

Comfort: Physical ease or well being.

Complete: Having all the necessary parts.

Connected hearts: Small heart pattern used on many styles of Sexy lingerie.

Contrast: Striking difference in color or design.

Cord: Thin rope used for detail or closure.

Corset: Is a close fit contoured garment worn to support the torso down past the waistline.

Corset/garter: Is a close fit contoured garment worn to support the torso down past the waistline with bands worn around the legs to hold up stockings or socks.

Couples: His and hers set.

Covered lace appliqué cups: Small ornate decoration placed over breast cups.

Crochet: Handicraft like knitting using a small hooked needle.

Cropped: Cut very short.

Crotchless: Open space on panty between the legs on a panty, shorts or bodysuit.

Cuff: Wrist band resembling the end part of a sleeve.

Cupless: Bearing breast, bare hoop cup, open bust.

Curve hugging fit: Garment made to fit closely to a womans body.

Cut out feature: Special uncovered areas on a garment exposing skin.


Date wear: A garment that may be worn to a club, private date, adult establishment, etc.

Detail: Treatment of particulars and focal points of garments.

Diagonal twist: From corner to corner and winding style.

Diamond pattern: Figure with four sides of equal length forming two acute and two obtuse angles, a series of these used to adorn a garment.

Domina, Dominatrix: Female in control of sexual pleasure or pain.

Double strap: Two bands.

Double string ties: Two narrow ties.

Drape bra: Garment covering the breasts, loose fitting in our Bra & Panty category.

Drape top: Garment covering the breasts, loose fitting.

Dress: One-piece garment for a woman consisting of a skirt and bodice and sometimes sleeves.


Edged: Border or line where something ends.

Elasticized straps: Stretchy, flexible bands interwoven with rubber.

Embellished: Adorned, decorated, covered with.

Exclusive: Catering to a privileged minority.

Empire waist: High waist beginning and emphasizing the under breast area.

Enticing: Attract by exciting hope or desire.


Fancy: Ornate, elaborate.

Fastener: Devise used for closure.

Faux fur: Imitation fur.

Feather: One of the barbed shafts forming the plumage of birds

Feather puff: Feather formed into a ball used for tails, pompoms, etc.

Fingerless gloves: Coverings for the hands without individual sheathes for the fingers.

Fishnet: Open mesh fabric resembling netting, usually stretchy.

Flared: Becoming wider towards the end.

Flirty: Behave amorously without emotional commitment.

Flogger: whip.

Floral: Decorated with flowers.

Foliage: A pattern having leaves.

Free size: Fits most Medium to Large Corsets Dress Gowns & Costumes.

Fringe: Ornamental edge of hanging threads, tassels, etc.

Frisky: Search, examine.

Front: Fore part.

Fun: Enjoyment.


G-strap: wide strip of cloth covering the genitals and attached to waistband.

G-string: Small strip of cloth covering the genitals and attached to waistband.

Game wear: Costumes that can be used for playing games or role playing.

Garment: Article of clothing.

Gingham: Checked cloth usually cotton or blend.

Garter: Bands worn around the legs to hold up stockings or socks.

Garter belt: Strap around the hips or waist attached to garter bands.

Garter clips: Devises used for fastening garter straps, may also be used for decoration, attached to a garter.

Gloves: coverings For the hands with individual sheathes for the fingers.

Go-Go girl: Dancer.

Google eyes: Decorative plastic eyes with pupils that move freely.

Grommet: Ring or eyelet.


Halter: Top or dress with a fastener around the neck.

Halter strap: Band that fastens around the neck.

Handcuffs: Pair of metal rings used for securing a prisoner.

Harness: Set of straps fastened around someones body to attach something.

Headband: Narrow ornament such as ears.

Hem: Border of dress, etc. folded under and stitched down.

High thigh style: Extreme rise on panty sides.

Hip strap: Band or fastener around the lower waist part of the body.

Holly: Evergreen with prickly leaves and red berries.

Honeymoon: Vacation taken by newlyweds.

Hook n bar: Fastener with a bar closure.

Hook n eye: Fastener with a U shape closure.

Hook n loop: Fastener with a narrow rounded closure.

Horizontal: Level with the ground or with a line considered as a base.


Imitation leather: Fake leather.

Invisible straps: Clear plastic bands.

Invisible zipper: Metal closure concealed under fabric.

Iridescent: Having shimmering changing colors like a rainbow.

Iridescent discs: Round circular objects having shimmering changing colors like a rainbow.


Jingle: Gentle ringing sound.


Knee length: Between thigh and lower leg.

Knickers: Womans or girls undergarment covering the lower trunk and having leg holes.


Lace bra: A garment covering breasts made with decorative fabric usually floral.

Laceup: Tie up or fasten.

Lamé: Is a fabric with in woven metal threads, mostly golden or silver, which gives it a metallic sheen.

Lavender: Pale purple color.

Layer: Single thickness of material.

Link: Any of the rings forming a chain.

Low back style: Scooping garment revealing back and waist.

Low rise: Short distance from crotch to waistband.

Low rise bikini: Underpants or bottom of swimwear or costume with waistline at hips.


Mandarin style collar: Narrow band on neck of a garment used in Oriental style clothing.

Matching: Put in completion with.

Mesh: Network or net; [open space between] strands forming a net.

Metallic beads: Pierced balls having metal like appearance.

Metal ring accent: Circular band used for adornment.

Mini: Short or small.

Multi color: Having many colors.

Multi strap: Having many straps.


Neckline: Part of garment from chin to waistline.

Neck string ties: Narrow fastenings around neck.

Negligee: Dressing gown, robe, etc.

Netting: Openwork fabric of meshes or string, thread, material made of netting

Nipple ornaments: Small coverings for nipples.

Notched: V shape cut.


One size: Fits most Small to Large Babydolls Bra and Bikini Teddies Chemises negligee Beach Wear Bustier and Slips.

Opaque: Cannot be seen through.

Open neckline: Bare neck, exposed neck.

Open nipple: Bearing or exposing nipple, areola and/or breast.

Open slit: A revealing cut in a garment.

Open shoulder: Bare shoulder, exposed shoulder.


Panel: Piece of cloth [part of or section].

Panty: Womans underpants.

Patent leather: Leather processed to give a hard glossy surface.

Patterned: Decorated or made with an arrangement of repeated parts or decorative designs.

Piping trim: Fancy edging on clothes.

Plaid: Tartan cloth or pattern.

Plain: Undecorated, simple.

Plunging neckline: Low as to show the top of the breasts and/or midriff.

Polka dot: Pattern of spots on fabric.

Polka dot confetti: Multi spots on fabric.

Porn star: Actor of adult pornographic films.

PVC: Polyvinyl chloride: synthetic thermoplastic material.


No entries


Rainbow zipper: Multi color zipper.

Reinforced toe: Added strength and support for toe area.

Ric Rac: Wavy or jagged trim.

Ring: Band, circular.

Ring detail: Circular link [decorative and/or functional].

Ring linked cutouts: Design where the material is secured using rings, leaving a lot of exposed skin bare.

Risqué: Making slightly rude references to sex; style of lingerie at

Rope: Thick cord.

Rosette: Rose shaped ornament.

Ruffle trim: Gathering of ribbon at edge of garment creating flounce.


Sandal foot toe: Invisible support for toe area.

Satin: Fabric with glossy surface on one side.

Scalloped: Decorated with small curves along the edge.

Seamed cups: Sewn fabric supporting the under cup of breast.

Sequins: Small round shiny discs used for decoration.

Sheer: Transparent.

Shelf bra: Garment providing under breast support.

Shelf bra/corset: Garment providing under breast support with a close fit contoured garment worn to support the torso down past the waistline.

Shimmer: Having shine, reflecting light.

Showstopper: Excellent performance.

Silver: The color of silver [not authentic silver] used in our collection.

Skirt: The bottom part of a dress from waist or top.

Slide n snap: A fastening we use on our lingerie consisting of two attachable closures that slide and snap to close.

Sling: Band draped from neck across back to front of garment.

Slit: Narrow cut.

Snap closure: Fastening that closes with a snapping sound.

Socks: Leg coverings for toe , ankle and part of leg.

Spiral: Circular design.

Square link: Metal squares.

Stocking: Leg covering for toe, ankle and most of the leg up to thigh.

Stretchy: Extend or be extended.

String ties: Narrow strips of fabric used for fastening.

Studded: Covered or adorned with metal discs.

Strap: Strip of flexible material for lifting, fastening or holding in place.

Strapless: Without straps.

Support: Comfort, lift, definition.

Surged edge: Fine pattern of thread made by a surge machine.


Thong strap: Thin strip of material placed between the buttocks.

Thong style: Band placed between the buttocks, wider than g:string style, [skimpy] underwear that leaves the buttocks bare.

Toggle: A type of fastening used for lingerie and costumes. Bar shaped button inserted through a loop for fastening.

Top: Garment covering the upper part of the body, torso or breasts.

Top stitch: Stitching on surface of garment as to be a feature.

Tribal: Loyalty to a tribe, costume.

Triple strap: Three straps.

Tulle: Fine net of fabric used under skirting.


Underwire cups: Wire inserted in a bra for breast support.

Uniform: Special set of clothes for the members of an organization. Our uniforms are not official, they are solely for entertainment.

Unique: Different, being the only one of a particular type.


Velcro: Fastening consisting of one piece of fabric with tiny hooked threads and another with a coarse surface that adheres to it.

Velvety: Soft and smooth.

Vent: Vertical slit or opening.

Vented seam: Vertically sewn slits or openings.

Vertical seaming: Straight up and down stitching.

Vest: Sleeveless garment or undershirt.


Waistband: Band of material sewn on to the waist of a garment to strengthen it.

Wavy hem: Soft ridge on the edge of a garment.

Whistle: An instrument blown to make a whistling sound.

Wrap: A garment wrapper around the hips.

Wristlets: Small bands worn on the joint between the hands and arm.


No entries


No entries


Zipper: Fastener with two rows of teeth that are closed or opened by a small clip pulled between them

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